Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Guiding One to Reach the Shore Safely : The Act of Forgiving and Persistently Guiding

PERSISTENTLY guide the ones you care for to 'reach the shore safely'. 'Reach the shore safely' is a figure of speech to describe the journey of our lives. Live tends to be somewhat like traveling on an ocean where it has it's ups and downs.

One may commit a wrong act consciously or unconsciously. For example, a teenage boy who comes from a good family background commits theft. As soon as his parents find out this, his father hits him and throws words of disgrace towards him. Then, he is driven from home as his father does not want him in the family. Now this boy here committed the theft at his school because he decided that was the only way he could get enough cash to go to a concert with his friends. 

What we can observe from this given scenario is that the boy consciously committed the theft as he may have not wanted to feel left out knowing that his group of friends were going to a concert. In this case, peer pressure can lead a youngster to consider going beyond his means at times. 

On, the other hand, the father came to know of this and obviously pointed out his anger towards such behavior instantly and whats worse, he also disregards the boy as his son. Here is where I talk about persistence.

No individual are born bad or evil. When one is known to committed a wrong, provide them with love and care that indicates to them a sign of hope and confidence you still have towards them. You are willing to give them another chance to sort things out and lead a decent life. You may be surprised with the outcomes. 

When people make a mistake or commit a wrong act and it has come into realization of the people in their surrounding, there definitely is, at least, a slight chance for them to mend their ways if there are people to guide them well. Why leave them to rot just like that when it is a command of God that we must help mankind in the form of service? If there is no sin that can never be forgiven by God, then how is it that we, mere human beings, find it hard to forgive.

Parasara Bhattar, a follower of Ramanujacharya had said that Vishnu Sahasranama (Highly Sacred Stotra in Hinduism) absolves people of all sins...
It was also mentioned in the Lalitha Sahasranama (Highly Sacred Stotra in Hinduism) that there is no sins that cannot be forgiven by God...

Bring yourself to forgive the ones who have hurt you. Forgiveness actually heals your wounds naturally. TALK to them. Let them know to what extend their act has hurt you. Let them know that you still have hopes in them for the better. Give them the opportunity to know that they are valued high because everyone is a child of God and having them gone in the wrong ways is a loss to you as you love them. 

It may seem absurd for some who are not very expressive to sit and talk with people like this. But in my opinion, nothing can be absurd when it comes to love.Only with the power of love can you see the vitality to persistently guide your loved ones. Never give up on your loved ones.

When people become aware of your love and care, there are chances that they will give a try to do their best in making your hopes towards them come true. 

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