Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Among the Few Types of People We May Come Across in the Journey of Live

Life is a long journey. It is a journey that comprises every little steps we take to live our lives.

It is a journey that is full of lessons to be learned where we have 'teachers' stepping in on and off to guide us on the art of living be it consciously or unconsciously. 

Then, there are also the critics who may criticize out of concern or those who merely do so out of pride, ego and merely wanting to find faults. The latter are usually those who are negative in thoughts.

Lo and behold, we may also come across those who prefer to move about not noticing much of the happenings around them unless it involves them or interests them. These are the one who are too busy living in a world of their own.

Furthermore, in this current era where morality is on a constant decrease, we still come across those who live to carry out services in order to help mankind. In simple words, these are the people who are committed to social services. These people usually life a live in the form of a circle where the love and help they provide others with comes back to them in the form of 'bonds'.

As we proceed living as human beings we will have to fight against strong currents of negative influences, bad karma *deed/acts*, Maya and many more. There are those who may give up along way thus giving up on living. 

Besides that, many these days allow themselves to get carried away with in the world of Maya. Fashion, entertainments, brands are among the aspects of Maya that they fall for rather than focusing on self realization, equipping themselves on religious knowledge as well as values like forgiveness, respect, humbleness and modesty.

We know under which type of people we stand in. We have to make sure we are on the right tract because I believe that we have been placed on Earth to mold ourselves into faithful souls who are devoted to God. 

Divine services should be part of our living whether it is a small offering or a big charity. Hence, as we proceed along life's journey, we can overcome our bad karma while gaining good karma in the hope that we shall unite with the Supreme Soul/God.

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